Means large fruit.  

Cranberry is a perennial that grows in relatively infertile acidic soils, such as sand and peat bogs.

It is considered as one of North America's very few native fruits, with blueberries and Concord grapes, its cousins.


In Quebec, harvesting takes place in year three, from late September to mid-October.

Berries float on the surface of the water thanks to four small air cells inside the fruit.

They are then cleaned, inspected and sorted before being stored and processed.

During the winter months, plants enter dormancy and they can live for 100 years.


Just as the butterfly's chrysalis, cranberry remains a mystery of nature to science.

No matter what you think or whatever you do, cranberry
remains the smart choice in your diet.

Let's leave to this bog's ruby what it has inherited from Mother Nature in its raw state.

With such a harmony, this jewel requires neither scientific alteration nor royal processing,
but simply the purest of traditions.

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